Weekly Roundup: 5 Tips for Your Small Business

In this week’s Small Business Roundup, we picked out our favorite small business articles from the week covering topics such as: how marketers can channel their inner Charlie Sheen, a couple of useful accounting tools to help you find those hidden dollars, and a look at how Google’s changes to advertising affects your small business.

1) While millions are wondering how a man can be powered solely by #tigerblood and illicit substances, Sean Platt and David Wright dig deeper to unearth several keen business insights in The Charlie Sheen Guide to Winning! at Online Marketing.

2) Financials are the lifeline of any small business. Even a small miscalculation can mean missing out on potential profits (sometimes the difference between a legitimate business model and a disastrous one). Eileen Gunn at Entrepreneur.com delves into five common startup money mistakes.

3) Trying to figure out where the dollars are going to be instead of chasing the pack? The fine folks at YoungEntrepreneur.com broke out their crystal ball for the top startup trends of 2011 – a hint, mobile will be massive!

4) Pay-per-click advertising (PPC) with search engines (i.e. Google, Bing) is an essential yet seemingly complex science that can many entrepreneurs find intimidating. How does a small business owner navigate the constantly changing algorithms while maximizing their dollar? Robert Brady takes a peek at Google AdWords’ complexities and makes a few recommendations.

5) Speaking of dollars, do you know where yours are going? Here are a few useful accounting tools recommended by Fahmida Rashid at CNN for growing small businesses.

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