Weekly Roundup: 5 Tips for Your Small Business

Happy Friday! In this week’s Small Business Roundup, you’ll find helpful tips on topics such as finding the right photos for your website, increasing your email subscribers, and even how a 400+ year old Asian war textbook is still relevant in today’s business world.

1) One of the most important keys to making online sales is having professional and relevant images on your site. We have 1000+ images in our free library for you to customize your website with, but what if you’re looking for something a bit more unique? Guaranteed you’ll find something on TJ McCue’s list of 50 Stock Photo Sites for small businesses.

2) Email subscribe lists are an invaluable lifeline to your customer – they allow you to reach out proactively and let them know about your new widget or sale. David Chiu at Elastic Path explores How To turn Website Visitors Into Subscribers.

3) Having difficulty growing sales? Maybe it’s because your leads are slow. Having a constant stream of potential customers is the lifeblood to any business – as Lisa Barone explores in 5 Reasons Your Website Isn’t Attracting Leads.

4) Perhaps just as important as paying attention to what your customers are saying, is paying attention to what they aren’t saying. Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks writes an extremely insightful (and perhaps prescient) post about the future of technology in The Most Interesting Thing About This Year’s Super Bowl.

5) Business is a war: so why not apply classical military strategy to it? The Japanese have already been doing this for centuries, as Geoff Livingston explores Strategy Lessons from The Water Book.

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