Websites Experiencing Down Time

9:45 am PDT – The outage on Oct 4th was caused by a specialized server which normally wouldn’t cause any issues as there’s a redundant back up server, but in that instant there was an additional issue that together caused most websites to go down. We are adding another safeguard in to help prevent this in the future. Apologies for any disruption. Websites were restored at 7:00 am PDT.

8:45 am PDT – The IT Manager would like to do more detailed investigating before we post an explanation. Most likely this update will be posted tomorrow.

7:00 am PDT – All websites are back up and operating like normal. More info on what happened to follow.

6:30 AM PDT – We have received reports of websites being down. Our IT staff are looking into the matter. We’ll post updates here. Sorry for the disruption. We’ll do our best to get things back to normal quickly.