Website of the Month:

bombshellWhat do you get when you combine a creative business mind, rubber stamps, and cheeky retro humor? The answer is our Website of the Month:!

The brainchild of Shannon Lucier, this San Diego-based small business sells vintage style rubber stamps with attitude. Shannon has been using the website builder since 2007, when she first created her business plan. Shannon told us her story:

“I had another company which seemed like a lot of hard work with little reward – so I did a business plan that emphasized balance: between my creative side, time I would have to invest and the income I expected to make. This took me a month of brainstorming, trying to look for a niche that hadn’t been done before.

In August 2007 I decided to go for it, and the tools were so extensive and clean that it was just perfect for my business. I knew nothing about HTML or how to get a website up – but it was so easy that now I have to streamline my content!” currently averages over 290 unique visitors daily, and generates thousands of dollars in revenue every month. She has even managed to drum up some pretty impressive publicity for her business. Shannon is currently rolling out an innovative new line of digital products for her business to help support new customer markets, rather than compete with other existing products.

Shannon was kind enough to pass on a few tips for other aspiring entrepreneurs:

“If you’re just starting out, really think through the entire aspect of your business: a business plan is so important. I gave up three different ideas that didn’t work because of money, or time. I’m proud of the fact that I planned for everything from pricing to shipping, which made it easier for myself. Those details will make or break your business.”

These are definitely sound words of advice from a veteran entrepreneur. Thank you Shannon and congratulations to you again on making our Website of the Month!

Website of the Month: Southern Missouri Mule Outfitter & Equine Supply

2010-04-08-somomule2Welcome back our Website of the Month! This month’s spotlight is on Ken Levine from Southern Missouri Mule Outfitter & Equine Supply (

Ken retired as a federal law enforcement agent in 2007 to focus on his love – outfitting mules. As a trained ferrier (horseshoeing) his hobby quickly became a business after he set up his website using is a retail sales outfitter for horses and mules, selling pack equipment, tents and even Amish tack for backcountry pack saddles.

“It was very easy to figure out, and I don’t have any HTML knowledge,” said Ken. “In two and a half years we went from zero to making six figures a year from the business. My wife quit her bank job and we have more time to run our farm now.”

Ken’s site currently receives around 5,000 unique visitors per month. He offers this advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: “You need to be dedicated to your business idea and be organized – be on top of everything. From shipping to selling, this has been a labor of love with thousands of hours going in.”

You can tell the man truly enjoys what he does! Congratulations again to Ken and, our March Website of the Month.

November Website of the Month

Rub and scrub your hands together for DC Body Lab (, November’s Website of the Month!

2009-11-3-dc-body-labThis California-based business has an exotic and luxurious collection of moisturizing body butters and hydrating scrubs to put your skin at ease. Their colorful, fruit-themed site design will leave your imagination running wild with dreams of raspberries, coconuts and honeysuckle.

With winter around the corner, DC Body Lab is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to build a great skin care regimen or fight off dry skin!

Congrats DC Body Lab!

October Website of the Month

Put your hands together for October’s delicious Website of the Month,! Founded by three brothers in New York City, this site is selling “mind-blowing” tacos, tortas, and other yummy Mexican dishes. These guys are hungry for success and it shows – they’ve recently been featured on ABC News, New York Times and in other top-tier media. Great job Calexico – maybe you could send us some burritos?


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September Website of the Month

Big congratulations to our newest Website of the Month, OB Sod Garden Center Inc. (!

OB Sod Garden Center uses their website to support and further the reach of their bricks-and-mortar stores in Tampa, Florida. Their specialty is sod that’s ideal for Florida’s warm environment.

Their clean site design and straightforward navigation makes it easy for their customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. Congrats OB Sod Garden Center for a job well done!


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August Website of the Month

It’s that time again! We’re proud to announce that our Website of the Month for August is! takes us back to the mid-century, with timeless vintage manufacturing and beautiful retro pieces.

On, customers can browse and purchase beautiful, classic (and priceless) jewelry, compacts, watches, clocks and more. These Chicago-based entrepreneurs are also helping blow the whistle on cheap knockoffs with their sister site, We at tip our (top) hats to the folks!


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Our customers do some amazing things with their websites, which is why we’re launching our new “Website of the Month” blog feature! Each month we’ll showcase one customer website, so you can see what’s possible when you start building a website with
Our very first Website of the Month is! transformed a simple idea into an impressive and successful business with their straightforward, easy-to-use website and expansive catalog of traditional razors and shaving products. Congratulations – thanks for being part of the family!

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