4 Tips On Protecting Your Passwords

Here are a few practices to help ensure the safety of your online accounts:

Beware of phishing and scams

If an email links you to a site that asks you to type in your password, do not type in your password. It could be a fake site. The only time we or any other provider should ask you to do this would be when changing your password from a “password recovery” link. Make sure to double check that the e-mail originated from the correct source and that it is secure.

Verify you are speaking to an official representative

If someone claims to work for CityMax or any other site you have a relationship with and asks for your password, do not tell them your password. It’s most likely a trick to get access to your account. An agent of a company should never need to ask you for your password.  Also, remember that an actual representative would be happy to answer questions proving that they are an official agent of the company they represent.

Take caution when opening files

Do not download and run software, or open files attached to emails from a source you aren’t completely sure about. Malicious software can install a keylogger on your system to record your passwords and transmit them.

Use a strong unique password

Keep the email address associated with any online account secure, just like you keep your CityMax account itself secure. Use a strong, unique password which you’ve never used anywhere else. A combination of letters (including one or more capital letters), numbers and special characters makes a strong password. For example:  WebZ1te*33.  Also, do not use the same password for several different accounts and change your password from time to time.

Remember, security is all about the little details. I hope these tips helps ensure your passwords are safe.