4 Steps to Getting (or Keeping) Your Business on the Right Track

traintrackGuest Post – Arpy Dragffy is a marketing strategist and customer experience specialist with over 10 years of corporate event planning, enterprise retention strategies, and customer research experience.

In this gloom and doom economy, every small business owner is looking for ways to slash their bottom line while growing their business. Who wouldn’t want to keep their costs down, increase profits, and boost loyalty among their customer base?

Often, entrepreneurs become so focused on closing sales and locking down new partnerships that their obsession with growth becomes blinding.

Take a step back.

A massive growth phase is an amazing thing, but it can come with side effects: resources that are stretched too thin, or even worse, a company that somehow ends up moving in a different direction than originally planned. Once you have turned your idea into a business, how do you create long-term relationships with your customers that will bring you sustainable revenue?
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