The Monday Five: Quick Hits for Your Small Business

Happy New Year! We’re back in the office and hitting the pavement running. Are you?

Whether you’ve already set out your business goals for 2011 or are still refining them, if you’re like us you might be spending this week thinking about the big picture. Here’s some food for thought as you plan your year:

5 Easy Strategies from Carrie Thru for an incredible 2011. Easy yes, but effective and often overlooked!

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Check Your Surroundings

2010-04-16-officeHaving a rough go of it? You might want to take a look around you.

In one of Seth Godin’s recent posts, Expose yourself…, he points out a very basic truth about human nature that we tend to forget: we are strongly influenced by and believe what surrounds us.

Unfortunately, it’s just as easy to absorb the negative as the positive – sometimes it seems even easier.

Consider this within the parameters of your small business. Take a good look at what’s around you and if there’s a continuously negative influence, you might want to consider making some changes. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you surround yourself with friends, colleagues, coworkers, or employees who boost you up and believe in your business?
  • Are your business goals shared with others that can help you achieve them?
  • Do you interact with people whose skills you admire and that you can learn from?
  • Do you have clear metrics that you can measure success against and/or improve?

You’ll be surprised what can happen when you’re surrounded with the right energy.

What tactics do you employ for keeping positive? Or, for cultivating positivity within your small business?