Supporting Social Innovation & Finance – Ashoka International

ashoka-tour-al-dean-celiaWhat is a social entrepreneur?

According to Wikipedia: a social entrepreneur is someone who recognizes a social problem and uses entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage a venture to make social change.

That’s definitely something we believe in at CityMax.com. So when we heard that Ashoka International, the world’s largest global association of leading social entrepreneurs, was coming to Vancouver to hold a Social Finance and Innovation Tour, we jumped at the chance to participate. We invited some of North America’s top movers and shakers in social innovation to hold their first day of workshops at our office!


Speakers came from exciting organizations such as:

PLAN Institute – using social innovation and social enterprise to mobilize the creativity of individuals with disabilities and their families and to scale up solutions to poverty and social isolation.

SiG – a collaborative initiative seeking to address Canada’s social and ecological challenges by creating a culture of continuous social innovation. SiG’s focus is on fostering social innovation to achieve impact, durability and scale by engaging the creativity and resources of all sectors.


CAUSEWAY – objective is to fast track Canada’s adoption of social finance. It wants to ensure that there is a healthy social finance marketplace supported by mainstream financial institutions serving a national constituency of social enterprises, social economy entities, community economic development institutions, cooperatives and social purpose businesses.

We heard about some very exciting new initiatives and we’ll be sending a couple team members to tomorrow’s sessions – stay tuned for the recap!


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