How to Sell More for Father’s day

daddyFather’s Day is coming up, and most people I know (myself included) have trouble coming up with a great gift for the man responsible for giving us life. After all, shopping for women is easy – spa gift certificates, flowers, chocolates – but most men don’t have the same passion for luxury and sweets.

But what if you sell products online that are perfect for Dad’s Day?

As a retailer, you can effectively capitalize on the rest of the world’s complete bewilderment at how to show Dad they care.

Here are a few tips to help you sell more this Father’s Day:

Put it in HER eyeline
Chances are, it’s Mom or Daughter doing the shopping, so get your message in front of her eyes. If you are advertising, put your ads where she’ll find them and make them appeal to a female shopper.

Put HIM in the picture
If you have products perfect for Papa, include photos of men using the product in your promotion – or even just in your product catalog. If you make the connection between men and your product, your customers will too.

Highlight the perfect presents
If you carry a variety of products, make sure to feature the ones that are Dad-friendly right up front. Place some images and information prominently on your home page so they’re not missed, tucked away in your catalog.

Wrap it up
Top it all off with complimentary (man-friendly) wrapping paper and gift cards to help seal the deal.

Just like any promotion, it’s all about knowing who you are selling to, and there are many ways to cater to your audience.

So what about you? What Father’s Day promotions have worked for you – or on you?