Back to School… for Small Business?

schoolFor every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. Chances are, if you’re really strong in one part of your small business, there’s another area you’re having some trouble with.

According to, these “trouble spots” are causing an increasing number of entrepreneurs to expand their horizons – by going back to school.

While you might not want to invest time and money into an MBA – it’s definitely challenging while running your own business – you can still have a positive impact on your business’ bottom line by taking less daunting, more affordable workshops.

So what kind of things might be worth hitting the books for?

While some business owners who took entrepreneur-focused classes cited a dramatic improvement in everything from daily operations to angel funding, others found great results even from taking shorter, inexpensive courses on improving their writing skills – something that can make a big difference for an online business in particular.

What would you like to learn to help you manage or grow your small business?