“Trial” a Little Help from a Coach!

New to CityMax? When you sign up for a free trial, take advantage of our helpful Web Coaches!


CityMax Web Coaches are there to make sure you’re on the right track as you’re learning to make a website. They can help you figure out what you want to do with your site and give you some tips for making it happen.

To schedule a Coach Call, click the banner on your trial website toolbar!

YouTube and You

Have videos on YouTube? Why not add them to your website! youtube
Videos are a great way to educate and entertain your visitors. They draw attention on your page and let you tell much more than you can with just text.
With Multimedia page on your CityMax website, all you need is the URL (or website address) of the video – no code!
Why not test it out? Add a new Multimedia page to your site and play around a little. Remember, you can always hide the new page from your menu if you don’t want visitors to see it.

“SAVE”ing the Day!

Have you ever made changes to a page and forgot to save them?savebutton
Or, have you had to scroll WAAAAAAYYYY down a page to the save button when you edits were right at the top?
On the new CityMax toolbar, we added the ‘SAVE’ button, so it’s in the same spot every time! No more hunting around for it on different pages – you’ll always know where it is.
And, if you forget to save? When you try to visit another page before saving your changes, you’ll be asked whether that’s what you really want to do, so you won’t lose any of your work.

The NEW “Drop Down” Toolbar

Have you seen it yet? The new editing toolbar is the latest and greatest upgrade to your CityMax website builder!

2009-01-15-max_toolbarWith drop down menus for each section (Dashboard, Edit Site, Edit Store, and Marketing), you’ll manage your pages and website design faster and easier than before! Since most features are accessible through the toolbar menus, no matter where you are in the editor, getting to your next task usually takes just one click!

With the old toolbar, you probably noticed that you had to dig a little bit to find some features. Part of the reason we developed the new toolbar is to not only make it easier for you to access existing features, but also to make sure that there’s room for new features as well. So make sure to keep your eyes open for new additions!

Hi! I’m Max.

himaxI’m the newest addition to the team here at a CityMax!
You might have already seen me on the new CityMax.com website. That was my first assignment – I even got to do a little video to introduce the website builder. It was my first “starring role”!
Anyways, my job is pretty much to give you the inside scoop. You know… all the things that you want to know to get the most out of your website builder!

On this blog, you’ll find out about all the great features you have right at your fingertips, just waiting to help you grow your business.

You’ll also start to see me around the website builder, helping you get the most out of CityMax, through introductory and “how-to” videos.

Well, that’s pretty much it for now. I can’t wait to share some of our “in-house info” with you!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

Thank You for your business, collaboration and loyalty for the last 10 years.
What started as a simple goal (to give small business owners the tools to get their own websites) turned into the invention of the first dynamic easy website builder and, eventually, tens of thousands of loyal, active, and passionate entrepreneurs.

Like any good internet company, it started with a handful of zealots working all hours to create something really cool.  The dot com crash tested us.  Then a handful of passionate geeks joined and gave us the energy to take the company to the next level. Since then there was no turning back.  One by one, we built a team of empathetic and talented young professionals that really do care about you and the success of your website.

Being one of the online innovators and leaders over the last ten years has meant that we’ve had some great success and a few stumbles along the way. Thank You so much for sharing the highs with us and for your patience when it was required.

As we head into 2009, I’m very excited to let you in on a secret.  In the next days, weeks and months, CityMax will be transformed with:

  • A new, improved website builder
  • New, improved support
  • New, improved communication between you and CityMax
  • New tools
  • New servers
  • New training and education
  • New exclusive offers from some very cool customers

Over the last year, you’ve seen us quietly make a number of fundamental changes, like the Account System, that have enabled us make these improvements possible.

The most exciting part is the new “let’s do it” attitude that has swept over the team.  They’re determined to make CityMax more than just your website builder. They’re committed to providing all the tools, education and support you need to make your website a success.
Almost a year ago, the team committed to a new plan, to doing things differently and to doing whatever it takes to make it happen.   During these meetings, the team developed CityMax’s Vision, which has guided us in everything we’ve done ever since:

CityMax Vision

  • CityMax.com fuels the entrepreneur’s dreams online and is the vehicle that brings those dreams to reality.
  • By empowering the entrepreneur, our team, and our community with easy tools and education, we help make the imaginable possible.
  • Our long-term goal is to have a community of 1 Million entrepreneurs that trust and depend on our builder, tools, and education by 2015.
  • CityMax.com is where great people make great things happen.

Finally, I would like to introduce Max.  He’s a tiny bit of each one of us here.  He’s passionate about your success and believes in you.  He lives the CityMax Vision and will be cheering you on in the background.   You will get to know him well over the weeks ahead and I think you will grow to love him like we have.
At that, I will turn this blog over to Max and talk to you again as a guest blogger every now and then in the future.”

Thank You once again for your business.

Dean H Gagnon
Chief Evangelist & President

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