What “Oscars” Should Your Small Business Be Winning?

It’s a big weekend in Hollywood. The Academy Awards is a huge event that costs millions of dollars. So what is the value for the players involved? And better yet, how does this translate to your small business?

In just about any industry there are awards and recognition to be won. An Oscar isn’t just a shiny trophy that will sit on a mantle gathering dust. It commands respect for the winner, along with more opportunities and significantly higher pay. It implies a level of quality not found in the “everyday” actor. Not only that, but it provides that extra few minutes to make them a household name – after all, who could forget Adrien Brody’s first win (and unexpected kiss with Halle Berry!)

The same goes for your business. No matter what your specialty, it’s likely that there is an award out there that conveys your talent and reliability to potential customers. Awards are like testimonials, but much stronger since they are backed up by an objective third party.

Not only can awards provide incentive to your customers, but they also have an impact on your ability to hire great staff. As an example, since being included as one of the Best Companies to Work For in BC, we now receive more job applications, giving us a bigger pool for high-quality hiring. People want to be part of something successful.

Not sure where to start looking for award-winning possibilities? Try searching online with keywords including your industry and “awards”. You’ll likely be surprised at the opportunities out there!