Oh the Good Ol’ Hockey Game…

Posted September 10th, 2009 in Personal Message and tagged , , by admin

At CityMax.com, we love to stay active and healthy. We also love hockey, so when our employees suggested a lunchtime street hockey game, it was a no-brainer…

We split up into two teams and played 4-on-4 over lunchtime – only pausing for cars just like when we were kids. Dozens of passerbys stopped to watch, our friends from the GastownBlog joined in, and there was even a goal judging crew and a siren!

Now we’re issuing an open challenge to any tech company (Vancouver or elsewhere) to stop by and take us on. Are you up for it? Email Patrick@CityMax.com to set up a game – bring your team and take your best (slap)shot!

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