Giving Back to Entrepreneurs Globally

It’s the season for giving! No matter what religion, race, or denomination you belong to, if you’re reading this you probably share our belief in the entrepreneurial spirit.

This winter, why not help someone else achieve the same dream? supports entrepreneurs all over the world through a micro-loan system – based on the same idea that Muhammed Yunus, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize created. This concept is based on funding entrepreneurs through the concept of microloans, rather than donations. Since 2009 Kiva has helped raise over $160 million in loans with a 98.90% repayment rate. For as little as $25 you can help fund an entrepreneur’s dream – so please join our giving team.

This season we’re focusing on helping these two entrepreneurs (although you can choose to support anyone you like):

Charlyn, a shopowner and mother of five (!) from the Phillipines. She has been engaged in her business for over five years and earns approximately 8000 PHP (approximately $183 USD) a month for these activities.

James from Uganda runs a general store and also has five children. His dreams and future plans are to be able to acquire a land title as well as expand the business so that he would be able to educate his children.

How are you giving back this holiday season?