Is Google Changing the Game of Search?

You, our blog readers, have shouted time and again that Search Engine Optimization is a topic you want to learn more about for your small business website. The last year has seen Google (by far the dominant search engine) add social media factors into their search algorithms, and increase the immediacy of real-time results with more frequent search spiders – all affecting front page results. But now they’re at it again!

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, Google CEO Eric Schmidt shared his belief that “people don’t want Google to answer their questions… they want Google to tell them what to do next.” As a result, Google is now testing a ‘streaming’ search engine that updates your results, as you type them into the field. (See the video below.)

As you can see, this makes for a more dynamic search page and may help searchers find some unexpected results. How do you think this might change the way you search? What kind of effect could this have on how people find your business?

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