CityMax Ownership Change Notice

This is an important notice to let you know of an upcoming ownership change for WebsiteDynamics, who hosts your website through Of note is your billing will be switched to the new owners on August 9th, 2022 in advance of the official switchover on November 1st, 2022. More details are below.

Recently, WebsiteDynamics signed an agreement with our longtime internet service provider and business partner EZProvider Networks Inc. to buy WebsiteDynamics. EZProvider has been a great partner and great friend to us, and are also people we’ve trusted to help us keep our software running for over 15 years.

The goal of the transition is to be as seamless as possible. Our support staff Sean and Jerico will be moving to EZProvider to continue providing the service that you’re used to. Our entire staff wanted to thank you for choosing us to be your website host and we wish you the best in the future. We’re confident that EZProvider will continue to be a good home for you as they have been for us, often going above and beyond what is required.

Please read below for an introduction to EZProvider, how your website may be affected, how the transfer will take place, and FAQs.

Who is EZProvider Networks Inc. (EZP)?

We have been partners and friends with EZProvider since 2003, when we launched our first website builder. Although their name may be new to you, they have provided the backbone of our network for many years, and have been a pivotal part of our operations including assisting with server migration, advising on hardware implementation, helping us prevent and mitigate DDoS attacks, and advising us on network strategies. As such, they are already well-accustomed to our technology and all of our customer websites have already been hosted through their network for almost two decades. Given our long-term partnership, EZP is the only company we felt we could completely trust to take good care of our customers. Like MeZine, they are based in Vancouver, Canada. You can learn more about them on their website,

How will my website be affected?

The transition to EZProvider will be seamless. EZProvider is taking over all of our server infrastructure in place, so there is no technical transition happening whatsoever, and your website will not experience any downtime or interruptions. Sean and Jerico, our support team at WebsiteDynamics who have been with us for 10+ years each, will both be moving to EZProvider to continue offering the same great support you are accustomed to. Nothing else about your website will change as a result of the transition, and there is nothing you are required to do.

Are there any changes to billing?

Your website subscription will continue normally with no immediate changes to pricing or structure, and charges related to your website will still appear as WEBSITEDYNAMICS.COM on your credit card statement. However, as there is technically a change in who is processing your payments, customers may require their banks or credit card providers to re-approve their subscription charges, particularly customers located outside of Canada. If your website subscription payment is unexpectedly declined after the transition, please contact your bank and request that they re-approve charges from WEBSITEDYNAMICS.COM. If you experience any issues whatsoever with billing as a result of the change, please do not hesitate to contact our support team who will help keep your website active while the issue is resolved.

More questions?

Please contact our support team through the normal channels, or email us at where we would be happy to answer any questions you have about the transition.

Final Thoughts

We feel incredibly fortunate to have hosted websites for tens of thousands of customers, many of which have been with us for a decade or more. We are a small company that started in the basement of a house, and at our peak, grew to 3 offices in downtown Vancouver. MeZine is not disappearing and will continue on with other products ( It is with excitement and hope that we are passing you on to EZP, and we know they will take excellent care of you. We are extremely grateful for each and every customer, and wish you all the best in the future.