HTTPS Project Completed

We have now completed getting SSL certificates for all our paying customers. For any of your customers visiting your website, they will see the https:// in front of your web address. If you have a custom domain like, your address will show as If you do not have a custom domain, your address will show as

If you have secure pages showing a warning (e.g. a “!” or “i” in a circle) in your browser even though the web address begins with https://, this means that you have mixed content on that page. Mixed content means that you are sourcing an image, video or part of a code (perhaps one you copied elsewhere for a special effect) that is not served through an https connection. We did run all pages through a mixed content page fixer to replace any sources that had an equivalent secure version of the same content available. In cases where no equivalent was found, the mixed content was left alone. If you are having difficulty fixing a page with mixed content, please contact Support with the webpage address.

We thank everyone for their patience.