SEO Building Blocks: Meta Tags


When optimizing your website for search engines, there are many tools at your disposal. There’s no such thing as a quick SEO fix, but one oft-overlooked element is the utilization of meta tags. Let’s take a look at what they are and how they can help you.

What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are usually inserted in the <head> section of your website’s html code. They are used by search engines to help determine your ranking. Within these tags you can enter descriptions and keywords, which can help the spiders or bots understand the purpose of your website.

To see the meta tags of a web page you’re viewing on, click on “View” at the top of your browser, which brings down a drop menu, then click “Source” or “Page Source.” This shows you the html code of the website.
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How Tipp-Ex Made the Most NSFW Viral Ad Ever

How do you get 7.2 million views in less than three weeks?

If you’re Bic, you take a chance and get NSFW (not-safe-for-work). Odds are that you’ve already taken part in the hunter vs. bear experience, but if not, click below and enjoy.

This was the most viewed YouTube video in the world for this month, most viewed video in France (ever), and has already reached #40 for all-time Youtube views – all in just six weeks. So what lessons can we learn from this wacky ad campaign?
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Your Content Doesn’t Matter (If Your Customers Can’t Read It!)

Design principles that work great on paper should work just as well on your website right?

Unfortunately, nope. Over the years, researchers have studied how people view web pages to find what they’re looking for – and what works on a printed poster doesn’t work nearly as well on a small business web page!

If people can’t find what they’re looking for on your site, you could lose sales. Below you’ll find our top “No-Nos” for laying out your site.

1. Don’t align your text down the middle

Researchers have found that pages with a lot of text on them tend to be read in an F-shape pattern, as indicated by the heatmap below. The more colorful areas indicate where the visitors eyes looked at the most.


With that in mind, you’ll want to place your most important content where their eyes will be searching: in the headline and along the left.
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4 Steps to Getting (or Keeping) Your Business on the Right Track

traintrackGuest Post – Arpy Dragffy is a marketing strategist and customer experience specialist with over 10 years of corporate event planning, enterprise retention strategies, and customer research experience.

In this gloom and doom economy, every small business owner is looking for ways to slash their bottom line while growing their business. Who wouldn’t want to keep their costs down, increase profits, and boost loyalty among their customer base?

Often, entrepreneurs become so focused on closing sales and locking down new partnerships that their obsession with growth becomes blinding.

Take a step back.

A massive growth phase is an amazing thing, but it can come with side effects: resources that are stretched too thin, or even worse, a company that somehow ends up moving in a different direction than originally planned. Once you have turned your idea into a business, how do you create long-term relationships with your customers that will bring you sustainable revenue?
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We’ve Won a WebAward: Best Small Business Website!

We’ve just won a WebAward for Best Small Business Website!

Our easy website builder was today named a winner by WebAwards, the “premier annual website award competition that annually names the best Websites in 96 industries while setting the standard of excellence for websites.” A huge congrats and great job to the team that worked on our new site: Elizabeth Southall, Joe Deobald, Ani Phelan, John Lyotier, Yasmin Garraway, Mara Creighton, Lu Getaneh, and Rachel Cheng. This is the third consecutive year we’ve picked up a WebAward, so needless to say we’re thrilled.
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Ze Googles are Comink!

It seems like anywhere you go, Google is there. My co-worker described them as all-knowing, omniscient, and “most likely to become a real-life Cyberdyne corporation.” (You know, from the Terminator movies?)

Google is now even delving into our childhoods with their recent musical experiment/customized user experience in Chrome: The Wilderness Downtown. Teaming up with popular Canadian indie rock band Arcade Fire, a few Google programming geniuses have helped launch what could be the next generation of music videos for the new single “We Used to Wait.”

The “music video” has already gone viral (if not mainstream) and is, simply put, a revolutionary step in marketing using the brand new HTML 5 technology.

So how soon is it before Google shows us hyper-local ads based on our personal tendencies and preferences?
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Back to School… for Small Business?

schoolFor every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction. Chances are, if you’re really strong in one part of your small business, there’s another area you’re having some trouble with.

According to, these “trouble spots” are causing an increasing number of entrepreneurs to expand their horizons – by going back to school.

While you might not want to invest time and money into an MBA – it’s definitely challenging while running your own business – you can still have a positive impact on your business’ bottom line by taking less daunting, more affordable workshops.

So what kind of things might be worth hitting the books for?
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