ClassicShaving’s Social Media Success!

The name might sound familiar – they were our Website of the Month winners for July.

Since then, they’ve had another big win. They managed to be listed on the front page of Reddit!


Reddit is a link sharing service where readers can submit links, then vote them up or down the page. The most highly voted links get to the top of the list, or on the front page, and typically see a massive increase in traffic – something every website owner loves.

ClassicShaving’s Reddit listing increased their daily unique visitors from 2,500 to 16,000 in 24 hours (with 334 reader comments)!

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August Website of the Month

It’s that time again! We’re proud to announce that our Website of the Month for August is! takes us back to the mid-century, with timeless vintage manufacturing and beautiful retro pieces.

On, customers can browse and purchase beautiful, classic (and priceless) jewelry, compacts, watches, clocks and more. These Chicago-based entrepreneurs are also helping blow the whistle on cheap knockoffs with their sister site, We at tip our (top) hats to the folks!


If you’d like to be featured as Website of the Month, please send a short description of your site and a link to

New Dashboard!

In business, knowledge is power. That’s why we’ve refreshed your Dashboard to include some great new features that are designed to teach you how to get the most out of your website!


On the left side of the Dashboard, you’ll find Website University. Website University is a video learning program that will teach you all about your website, beginning with the basics.

We’ve launched Website University with the Getting Started course, which teaches introductory things like adding text and images. From there, we’ll be adding more courses that will help you with more advanced tools.

The new Library section, on the right of the Dashboard, includes articles about everything from hiring tips to money management.

There are a few more new features on there, so feel free to play around a bit and see what’s new!