Grow your catalog with Doba

Want to fill out your catalog with a few more products?

With Doba drop shipping, you can sell more products without worrying about shipping, inventory, or returns. And, get your FREE Doba account when you sign up through the website builder!

Once you set up Doba with your site, Doba products are managed right through the new inventory feature (‘Edit Store’ -> ‘Products’ -> ‘Inventory’) along with the rest of your inventory.2009-05-13-doba

To get started, go to ‘Edit Store’ -> ‘Products’ -> ‘Doba’ and sign up for your free account, or if you already have a Doba account, you can attach it to your website as well!

Clarence in SIFE Semi-Finals!

This week Clarence, who we told you about in our last post, flew to SIFE’s National Competition to compete with his fellow members. The SIFE members are judged on the projects they’ve created, and Clarence’s program with has landed him in the semi-finals!

We just want to send out a huge congrats to him and all the other student entrepreneurs!

Helping Student Entrepreneurs Start Their Businesses

Do you know a student with a great business idea?

sifeclarenceThere are lots of them out there, but most haven’t started making it happen yet. And thanks to Clarence De Silva, our intern from the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), we found out why!

Through Clarence’s research, he discovered that the biggest reasons stopping most student entrepreneurs were time and money. With that in mind, he proposed that if the website builder could be made available to them it would take away some of their biggest hurdles!

We’re a big fan of student entrepreneurs (remember our Painted Picture?) so we couldn’t resist. Through Clarence, we’ve teamed up with SIFE (Students In Free Enterprise) to donate $250,000 in free small business websites to student entrepreneurs! in NEXT 100

profit100max_miniIt’s time again for Canadian Business’ PROFIT 100 list and we just found out that we made the list of the NEXT 100!

PROFIT 100 is a ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies and is filled with some of the most amazing success stories from a variety of industries.

The list is meant to celebrate entrepreneurship and uncover some of the great management practices that contribute to a company’s success.

We’re honored to be included as one of the NEXT 100, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks!