Takes Home the ad:tech Award!

2009-04-21-wonYou did it!

Thanks to your votes, we officially won the People’s Choice Award for Best B2B Marketing Website!  We truly couldn’t have done it without you.

People’s Choice Awards are the ones that really matter to us, because they let us know that you think we’re doing it right. Again, thank you for voting.

We also want to send out congratulations to all the winners – there are some really great ideas out there! Check them out at

Using Twitter to Beat “Goliath”

So, how do YOU compete against the Big Guys?

Or… in CityMax’s case, massive advertising agencies with thousands of employees and budgets of “billions”?

As mentioned in an earlier post, we got word that we’re finalists in Ad:tech’s People’s Choice Awards for the Best B2B Marketing Website. A pretty exciting achievement for a growing company of about 30. Our challenge now? Getting those votes.

(Shameless plug – go vote for us by clicking (Websites – B2B))

In a twist of fate, last week we had a chance to see Guy Kawasaki speak, the man who is also known as the “Tiger Woods of Twitter”. Instead of doing a general talk on how to grow your business, he gave a riveting presentation that pretty much made us realize that we were probably only using what seems like 1% of Twitter’s capability.

We’d been tweeting for a while, but hadn’t really figured out how to leverage it. Considering our customers are entrepreneurs, we really wanted to see just how powerful this much-hyped tool could be for those with small to zero marketing budgets. After all, isn’t that what’s it’s all about?

Shortened and trackable URLs in hand, we jumped online to see just how much push this new social media miracle worker really had. And, the results so far? In the first 24 hours tweeting about our Ad:tech nomination, we’ve had hundreds of clicks through to the voting page!

It turns out that Twitter is the ESSENTIAL tool for business owners with small budgets.

If you’ve dabbled in using Twitter at all, you’ve probably seen that there are almost as many Twitter tools as there are users. Here are some of the ones that Guy himself gave credit as being a crucial part of his mastery of the Twitterverse:


Tweetdeck (
A desktop application that helps you easily post, reply, follow, retweet and more. It also has saved searches that let you see at a glance whether people are twittering about topics that interest you and your business.


CoTweet (
Still in private beta, this tool is especially useful for businesses where people share twitter account management. Cotweet is an email-like application that helps you manage your direct messages and replies by allowing multiple users access to the account.


Adjix (
This URL shortener allows you to see just how many people are clicking on the link that you’re sending out. A great way to figure out what people really think is interesting. It also has handy toolbar buttons that make tweeting a great site that much easier.

Are you on Twitter?

Help the cause and RT Vote for @CityMax as Best B2B Marketing Website!

P.S. Since we’re a Canadian company, we like to refer to Guy as the Gretzky of Twitter :).

Ad:tech People’s Choice Awards

Think is pretty great? Then vote for us!

We’re really excited to announce that we’re in the running for the Best Business to Business (B2B) Marketing Website in Ad:tech’s People’s Choice Awards!


This one really means a lot to us as it’s YOU who gets to make the call. So make your vote count! Just click the link below to vote:

Click Here to Vote

Voting is open until this Friday, April 10, but why wait? Vote Now!

Cardboard Regatta

Now that the sun’s starting to show its face, we’re having flashbacks to last summer’s retreat!

Have you ever tried to make a boat out of cardboard? Well, last year that was one of our company challenges.

We got into small groups and made boats that were supposed to hold one person and be able to make it across the lake and back. Out of five, how many teams do you think made it?

It’s harder than you’d think! Only ONE of our eager, creative teams managed to make it across! Click here to see some great shots of a crazy event!

Guy Came, Guy Signed!

So, in our last post we showed you the big quote on our office wall from Guy Kawasaki. Well, as luck would have it, we actually got a surprise visit from the man himself before seeing him speak on Tuesday night!


Of course, we also had to take a shot of him with the team!img_3396

During his presentation on Tuesday night, he gave us some great pointers on using social media, more specifically Twitter, as a business tool. If you’re on Twitter, you might want to check him out.

Big thanks to Guy for coming out to visit and for a great presentation!