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Image by bengrey

Image by bengrey

One of the most difficult things to do for any internet business, or even any website for that matter, is to get recognition from other websites out there.  By having other sites link to you, you’re not only increasing the ability for people to get to your site from other places, but you’re also adding to your ability to rank high in search engines like Google (http://www.seomoz.org/article/search-ranking-factors).

Plugins to Help Share

There are many plugins out there which can help you share links to your most important pages, but we’ll focus on one of the most widely used ones out there, AddThis.com.

AddThis provides an extremely simple way to add links to your own pages so that visitors can easily share it with others if they find it interesting or important.  You’ve no doubt come across these icons on websites that you frequent, and maybe you’ve even used some yourself.

Create Your Button

With AddThis, you have the choice of a few different sets of buttons, so you can choose on how you would like them to look on your website.


Click the radio button next to the style you like most to select it.  Next, you can choose to use AddThis’ free analytics services to determine the effectiveness of your button.  We won’t get into it in right now, but it is definitely something for you to check out if you’re interested in numbers.


Finally you’re ready to get the code!  Click on “Get Your Button” to generate it.


Putting the Code on Your Website

After clicking the “Get Your Button” button, you’ll be provided a screen which has a textbox with a bunch of code in it. The next step is to take that code and place it into your website.


Click “Copy Code” and the code within the textbox will be ready for you to paste into your website.
If you’re using CityMax.com’s Easy Editor, pictured below, you have to click on the “Source” button to switch to code view.


While in HTML view, press Ctrl + V, or click Edit > Paste in your web browser, to paste the code into the textbox.  It should look something like the following image:


Click on the “Save” button and you should have something like the following on your website:


Now sharing your page with other people through many different types of services is a breeze!

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