Update on Scammers (April 2014)

Posted April 24th, 2014 in Selling Online by Sean

We have recently received reports that a company who has previously attempted to scam our customers (link to previous blog post) is once again trying to fool users into paying for unnecessary or non-existent website services, or attempting to get users to switch to their website company.

This company has previously operated under such aliases as Dream Real Solutions, The Tech Department, and others. They are contacting CityMax customers via phone or email with a message similar to the one below:

“Our records indicate that you have missed your last appointment with us, and efforts to contact you by phone have been unsuccessful. There are mandatory updates for your website that need to be discussed urgently. Being that this is a time sensitive matter, please contact us immediately to schedule another appointment. We care about the success of your online business.”

We advise all of our customers to use caution if they receive an email or phone call of this nature. Calls from CityMax will always come from a 604 area code, and we will never call to sell you website upgrades or SEO services.

If you’ve received a call or email of this nature, we would appreciate any information you can provide to us as it helps us gather evidence against these types of scams. Please contact us at customerservice@websitedynamics.com or submit a support ticket with any details you may have.

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